Seminar of Smart Storage in the Age of AI (Chengdu) Has Been Held in Rongcheng Successfully

On June 23 2017 (Beijing Time), Seminar of Smart Storage in the Age of AI (Chengdu) was successfully held in Rongcheng. This seminar was organized by Chengdu High-tech Zone USJ Silicone Valley Work Station, IntlMAEC and Chengdu High-tech Zone Talent Center.

The Smart Storage Inspection Group (Chengdu) (leader: Dr.Claude, founder and president of USJ ; group leader: Dr. Yuhui Chen, ex-deputy president of Marvell and president of InnoGrit; members: Mr. Jianwen Li, an experienced scientists of Cisco and an expert of artificial intelligence; Mr. Songfeng Cai, president of Unigen DataStorage Corporation, and Dr. Liaoyuan Zeng, president of IntlMAEC (China) ) came to Chengdu High-tech Zone to check out the investment environment here. By this inspection, they shared their own opinions on the industrial development of AI and introduced the development of smart storage industry and other relevant industries, hoping that depending on this opportunity, relevant industries in Silicone Valley and High-tech Zone can be developed further and better in the future.

Mr. Jiajin Yan, the ex-deputy secretary general and chairman of Sichuan Tsinghua University Alumni Association and other leaders from High-tech Zone  (over 50 attendees in total) attended the seminar.

This seminar was a big success.

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